Monday, May 4, 2015

Friday, January 9, 2015

Welcome to 2015!

As we ring in the new year, 8 of our Team Firefighter athletes are starting off on the right foot.
Eight TFFers are down in sunny (but cold) Florida running in the annual "Dopey Challenge" at Walt Disney World. In no particular order:

Jazz Zombo, Running in firefighting gear with Air-pack
Jamie Champion
Jim Williams
Dave Dushkin
Luke D. Lewis
Mike Pozika
Mark Cowderoy
Jeff Patrow

The races take place over 4 days and consists of a race each day, getting progressively longer. It starts with a 5K, then goes to a 10K, a Half-marathon, then a Marathon. As you can see, the collection of medals for the weekend is quite impressive.

Day 1: The 5K

As you can see from our pictures, spirits are high on the first day, even though the races start at the literal butt crack of dawn.
Everyone had a great time before, during, and after the race.

We will keep you all updated on their progress as the days go on with a final recap after the maraton on Sunday! Stay safe and warm, brothers and sisters!

Jazz, Jeff, Dush, and Jamie

Jazz and Jamie

Jeff finds a way to combat the wind chill

Below freezing is shorts and t-shirt weather for Canadian Mark

Luke packed all the essentials
Team Photo

Saturday, October 11, 2014


Aloha everyone! Today is the Ironman World Championship race from Hawaii! Team Firefighter is proud to have member Brendan Corcoran representing in this years race.

Brendan qualified for the "Big Island" race at Ironman Mont Tremblant this year, coming in 5th in his age group!

We are all extremely proud of you and are sending our best wishes for a great race!

To follow Brendan or any other athlete, go to and use the link below to watch the live stream starting at noon EST.

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Monday, September 8, 2014

September 6 and 7th, 2014

Another great weekend for Team Firefighter!

Florida member Jazz Zombo completed the Stephen Stiller Tunnels to Tower 5k in her full firefighting gear with airpack.

Marius Laursen from South Dakota completed a Half Marathon with a time of 2:16 on Sunday.

+Benjamin Racho completed the Westport Kiwanis Sprint Triathlon run by +Trifitness   in 53:46 and shaved 7 minutes off of his previous time on the same course.

All in all a great weekend for racing!

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Race report from Waconia HITS full Tri. 

     I went into this race with the mind set to actually race and not just do it to finish so I had no idea how it would turn out. Rachel Zambrano you inspired me to do this n you will remember when I explain. In Austin when we ran the Marathon Rachel had gut problems from pre-race dinner. Well she was talking with my wife at some point when I was not around n asked my wife if I was holding back n had more left. Not sure what my wife said but I believe Rachel said his race results never reflect that. Which is true. So I decided to race it. Thanks Rachel for helping me PR. I PR'd by one hour twenty two minutes.
     August weather here can be brutal n humid so when I got up n got to be time for swim start it was cloud cover n fairly decent temp. Swim went well. Nice clean lake n calm. It was a two loop swim n they had us come out of the water n run a ways on the beach n back in at the start for our second loop. The half started at the same time. My swim time was 1:17:58. 9 minutes faster then IM WI last September. I was very happy with my swim. T1 3:12 n off on the bike.
     The bike is my strongest leg. It was a four 28 mile loop coarse. Went out hard and kept it going for two loops. Third loop was still hard but toned it down a bit. A few of the roads were bumpy n had no shoulder so traffic had to go around you. Roads kept rattling my bottle cages loose and I lost a full bottle of nutrition n almost lost my second one but noticed it had fallen out n went back about 100 yards to pick it up. This happened on my third loop so I really needed that nutrition as miles were adding up. Nice thing about 4 loops you went by your special needs bag three times which was nice. Other than having bottle cage issues bike went well. 5:20:14. I ranked 19th in the swim and 1st on the bike. I had no idea out on the coarse because they ran the full n half together. Wish they would have had a way on bike n run to identify half n full athletes. Passed a lot of people n never got passed by anyone. I was nervous I had gone to hard on the bike n would have nothing left for the run. My running is not fast n I need to work on that.

T2 2:30 and off and running. As soon as I got off my bike the sun came out n it got hot n humid. Run was brutal. Out n back twice for the full. 6.55 miles. I decided to not wear my fuel belt like I did in WI. The aid stations were not as often as Ironman events n I needed more at some points in the race. Quads started cramping about two miles into run n I thought oh well swim n bike went well. Kept running n that went away. Pounded water n coke at every stop. Crammed ice in my Tri top n used the sponges to wet head n neck down. I always try not to get my feet wet but it was impossible not to. I had a fresh pair of socks n shoes in my special needs bag half way. That felt awesome for about 4 miles n they were soaked with everything dripping off me from trying to stay cool. Was in third place till around mile 22 then got passed. Finished run in 4:57:04. Need work on my run. Ended up 6th overall n 5 th in the males. 1st in my age group. Total time 11:41:01. Very happy with my race.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

What a weekend for Team Firefighter! This past weekend we had two of our firefighters complete full distance triathlons.

Firefighter +Pat Hamler competed in the #HITS triathlon series in Waconia, MN. His results were amazing, nabbing 1st in his age group and 5th place overall!

Our other story is about Firefighter +Brendan Corcoran, who was at Ironman Mont Tremblant this weekend. His performance in the race earned him a 5th place in his age group, which also has qualified him to compete in the +Ironman Triathlon World Championship at #Kona !

Congratulations to both of our athletes on amazing performances this weekend and Team Firefighter will see you in Hawaii!

A big thanks to all our Team Firefighter sponsors whose support has helped our two firefighters achieve such amazing feats this weekend.
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